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I am risen! [Apr. 2nd, 2010|02:55 pm]
James Caviezel
I am risen!

Now go in peace.

Thanks be to my dad.
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In the beginning... [Apr. 9th, 2004|08:51 pm]
James Caviezel
[mood |reverant]
[music |bob marley - kinky reggae]

This is new to me, for my main reason for starting a free account is that this seems to be the only outlet to show support for Jonathan and Reginald Carr, so I'm not sure what to say. Um...Somewhere along the way, it occurred to me I haven't eaten anything in about two days, other than some chips I found by my spare yacht parts and some sugar-based caffinated beverages. Sure, I've done my share of fasting, I appreciate the hunger. When I feel weak, I just say to myself, "busy, busy, busy..."

No cereal is good enough for me. I had a shop teacher once at Kennedy High who told me (while I was working to fix a carberator) that I couldn't even fix a bowl of cereal. I wish I had the power to bannish him to eternal fire. I can't eat cereal to this day. I'll have a glass of milk, though. Milk goes a long way when you're fasting. I wish I could stock up on enough milk cartons to last a year, but they'd all spoil. Unless they were Parmalat which makes me feel weak.

Sometimes I wish that there was no food (except for Mexican and Steak sometimes), and only milk, but not Parmalat. I don't need to eat food all the time. But I can't go very long with out milk. I think I will buy some more milk sometime Saturday. I can wait. That's tomorrow.

I also can't figure out why I can't perform miracles. Even though I pray every night that I will somehow get the powers, I doubt they will never come. I tried to turn water into wine, and I tried to make Mel Gibson go blind. I couldn't do either.

When my miracles don't work, it's like I have no where to go. It just doesn't feel right being God one minute, and the next, you can't even lift a finger to FREE THE CARRS. Life sucks when you're not really Jesus Christ.

I believe people will soon become envious of me and my icon. That's sort of like my self portrait. It took me many hours to pretend to die up there, so you better show love.

I wanted to add a green and red background and throw up some festive saying, but that would have taken about 20 minutes, which is a long time. That's way too much time to spend on any sort of art.

For some odd reason, my dad always wants to have a conversation with me when I'm sleeping. Say I sleep from about 2pm to 9 or 10pm, then stay up and do basic carpentry stuff all day while my family leaves to go about their real jobs and stuff. I've never remembered a word he's said.

God's strange like that. Wanting to talk to me in my sleep and all.

I am stuck between two worlds. One where I'm Jesus, and one where I'm just a huge doosh that could easily be replaced by a robot, in say, 15 years. I was going to make a voodoo doll of this bitch I know, his name is Mel Gibson. Then I decided to read a book on voodoo. I learned that voodoo dolls are actually only used to deliver messages to the dead and crap, and not to kill god with. It sucks not having any miraculous powers. Especially when all you want to do is give Mel Gibson leprocy. There's no way I'll add you to my friends list, so don't even bother commenting.
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